Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Minute Of...Tommy Kirk

Tommy Kirk in Old Yeller

My first celebrity crush in the movie in which I first crushed on him. I think there was a dog in this movie, too, but I can't remember. :P I just watched it again tonight, and it was as charming as I remember.

Kirk was discovered at my beloved Pasadena Playhouse in one of my personal favorite "young man" plays, Ah, Wilderness! when he was 13. He was a successful Disney actor who was in everything from The Shaggy Dog to Swiss Family Robinson and The Hardy Boys, until the meanie conservatives at Disney fired poor Tommy for being gay.

I really want to see the Merlin Jones movies, because they look so cute and Annette Funicello's in them, too. I was amazed at what a great actor he was, even at his young age in Yeller. Very dynamic and real. Tommy now owns a thriving carpet cleaning business in the San Fernando Valley, and will be at the Hollywood Show in April. :) Here's Tommy now - still has that cute sparkle, eh?

This has been...a minute of Tommy Kirk. More on Tommy here

I recently had the high honor of meeting Mr. Kirk at the Hollywood Show in Burbank, CA. Read about my adventures here

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