Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Katts & Dog & Me

Goddess bless the internet. I was hoping this would show up sooner or later, because I only have a VHS copy lost somewhere at home.

My friends, behold my small screen "d├ębut" in the popular Canadian TV drama, Katts and Dog in an episode entitled "Just Say No" from 1991.

(I'm the dork in the glasses and flowered jacket in the background.)

I'm such an animated extra! LOL!

The director, Roman Buchok, was our neighbor one street over. His son Al was my best friend for most of senior school (you 'mericans call it "junior high"). Al got into "the biz" a bit, too, but we lost touch after senior school. (He worked on one of my fave movies, The Virgin Suicides.) I used to babysit his adorable little blonde sisters, Kathleen and Celia, who are probably grown women by now! My mom and bro are also in this ep somewhere too, but may be so far in the background, you can't see them.

I'm also even more prominently in this scene:

I'm the dork in the flowered top and skirt on the right hand side of the screen on the porch (or verandah, I should say, being Canadian. :P) And OMG, I forgot! Al is in this scene, too! He's the rather cute guy with the floppy bangs who sits down on the steps after the camera tracks away from me.

Here's one more scene that I'm in, too!

(I'm the dork in the opening library scene on the left hand side - over the druggie dude's left shoulder - in the same tacky flowered jacket. Al's in the main group with the black shirt on.)

Hee...ah, memories. :)

My dad and I were extras through a lot of my preteen days. Dad got a buttload more work than I did, and he has the high honor of being the only gentile mourner in a Jewish funeral scene of Sam & Me and OMFG, I just checked and my dad is on the imdb for this role!!! LMFAO!!! My dad used to be a principal, and one of his teacher's wives was a production assistant, and since it was pretty easy to "get into the movies" back then, especially in Canada, my dad did it as a lark. It's pretty good money and he played everything from a coroner to a newspaper photographer. Sadly, my dorky looks back then pretty much prevented me from playing many roles. Ah well.

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