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My Adventures at the Hollywood Show

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Back from the Autograph Con and had an AWESOME time! :D


I got there in "prime time," right around noon or 12:30 and the place was packed. Usually, it's semi-busy, but this time, it was really, really full. This con seems to get more organized every time I go and so now they had all the celebs in rows down the middle of the convention floor (like an "autograph alley") and then spread out around the perimeter of the main hall. The huge draw, the Terminator peeps were set up against a back wall, out of the way of everything else.

TAKE NOTE other cons (*cough* Creation), this is how you run a con!

Although there was a massive lineup ALL DAY LONG for the Terminator peeps, there was still ample room to maneuver around that area, so traffic was never at a standstill, nor held up. Granted, it was pretty tight in the "autograph alley" part, but that was what you were there for. Anything else - dealers, lesser celebs, were spread out across the ballroom, so it was absolutely fantastically easy to walk around.

The coolest thing about this show is the juxtaposition of celebs all in one room. Ernest Borgnine was sitting next to Larry Hagman, was sitting next to the Terminator peeps with a Knot's Landing reunion across the way and then everyone from Star Trek actors to like old-timey TV stars. Just an amazing mix. This is THE con at which to get autographs, because a lot of celebs that don't do any other cons do this one. Let me pimp their website again so everyone in the area can go to the next one: Hollywood Collector Show. I can't say enough good things about them - great mix of celebs, good dealers (and good amount of dealers), and highly, highly organized. It reminded me a bit of MonsterMania in its organization, but almost even better!

I'm in the middle of my "lady time" (I'll use a euphemism, because I know boys read this, too! ;) ), so I was feeling kind of shy and awkward, as I am wont, but I forced myself to walk around anyway. I had strapped my new Nikon D40 over my arm and then had my black purse with me as well. It was a bit heavy, but still very worth it.

The first celeb I spotted was Corey Feldman, and I did a tiny fangirl squee. Granted, he didn't have my preteen heart like Corey Haim did, but he was still one of my faves all the same.

Since I was there to essentially test out my camera, and saw other people doing it, I just randomly started "paparazzi"-ing the stars and taking candid photos. Here's one of Corey:


No clue what that thing is hanging off his head, but still. I never did buck up the courage to talk to him, but I didn't mind.

What I did mind was that I had a mission - to fulfill the two celeb requests I had gotten from my friends. One was to get a photo of Butch Patrick from The Munsters for Keight and the other, get a photo of Mr. Russ Tamblyn for Catherine () and tell him hello.

After walking around a bit more and chinwagging with dealers that I end up seeing at almost every con around here, I knew I had to get down to my missions. The pic of Eddie Munster was easy - I just snapped it and left, fulfilling Keight's request. :)

Sorry he's not looking up, Keight, he was a little scary and I thought he might get mad if I took too many photos!

But I knew the Russ Tamblyn mission would be a little more difficult. I knew I wanted to tell Mr. T. what Catherine had gushed to me about how she loved him as a little girl, but I was getting the shies all over and I was almost going to chicken out.

Linda Hamilton on the Terminator panel

Robert Patrick on the Terminator panel. Liked the goatee!

Eddie Furlong on the Terminator panel.

After snapping some pics of the Terminator peeps (Linda Hamilton is still lovely and Robert Patrick is kinda hot!)

I met up with Erik and his dad as were about to leave, but I told them my sob story of wanting to do a little something for Catherine and being too shy to talk to Russ Tamblyn. Honestly, Russ was the very first "mad scientist" I ever had a crush on before someone came along and won (then sadly broke) my little fangirl heart, as Russ played Dr. Jacoby on my beloved Twin Peaks and I was just ga-ga over his quirkiness. We all walked over to Russ' table and before they left, Erik made a point of starting the convo with Russ by saying, "She's a little shy, but she wants to talk to you." After that, it was child's play.

I started by telling Russ that I had a friend in England who really enjoyed his work on Tom Thumb and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers when she was little and that she says hello (YAY!) and then I got to tell him I really loved him as Dr. Jacoby. He was very grateful and sweet. Then I asked if I could get a photo of him and he asked, "Well, do you want to be in it?" And I said, "Sure!" And this is the result:

Burbank Autograph Show

GAH! LOVE IT! :D So there, my dear Catherine and my dear Keight - missions accomplished! :D

I also found this nifty poster that I snapped a pic of for Ms. B. thinking she might be interested in it as well. Check it out here, my dear!

After that little happy moment, I felt much more confident and was able to walk around and just keep taking random photos of celebs. I had walked past Joe Penny's table a few times and never thought he was anything much when he was on Jake and the Fatman, but seeing him in person totally changed my mind. That guy is hawwwwt! I knew I had to get his photo, and he saw me aiming my camera at him. So he whips off his glasses and gives me this million dollar grin. *glee* I said, "Thank you," all cutely and he winked at me. *squee* Thanks, Mr. Penny.

Burbank Autograph Show
Totally hot in person. I was impressed.

Although I wasn't really interested in anyone there BIGTIME, I was SO enamored with my camera that it was fun just taking photos. This was a great practice run for other cons/events I attend, as I now know more about its lighting settings, etc.

Larry Hagman, complete with 10 gallon hat!

If I missed posting any photos (I'm starving!), the rest are here.

The funniest thing that happened all day was when this starlet-type walked up casually to me and asked, "Are you with the L.A. Times?" I said, "Pardon ME?" And she asked again. I guess my new camera made me look like a professional or something which gave me the giggle of the day. I also got a lot of comments about my "Canadian Girls Kick Ass" shirt, which I guess some people took to mean I was into Canadian girls instead of being a Canadian girl who kicked ass. Whatever works. XD For anyone who's curious, I got it in Vancouver many years ago when I used to live in B'ham near the border. I lurrrve that shirt! :D

I actually didn't get any autographs, because frankly, I'm not a big collector of them. I'm OF COURSE going to get Barbara Crampton's and Bruce Abbott's (because that boy better COME TO THE CON in May!!!) at the Re-An reunion, but I usually like getting my photo taken with the celeb more. *shrugs* Ex-hub was a big collector of autographs, so I appreciate the hobby, it's just not my thing.

The thing that I'm most excited about is how well most of my photos turned out!!! WOW!!! The ones that didn't were my fault, because I'm still getting used to my new little baby, but I just LOVE IT!!! Thank you, dad!!! :D

So, all in all an awesome day. I highly recommend The Hollywood Show to anyone living in or thinking about coming to the Burbank area to visit. Best run con I think I've ever attended - they even give you a discount on parking! (And half of the proceeds from most of the celebs' autographs go to charity, so there's that awesomeness on top of everything else!)

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