Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now on Lifetime: "My Starry Past: The Elisa W. Story"

Continuing our look at my illustrious film career, here is a gem from the 1993 Lifetime movie, Bonds of Love, starring Treat Williams and Kelly McGillis. The film follows the story of a mentally challenged man who just wants to live a normal life and the woman who loves him. Typical sappy Lifetime fare.

This film also "stars" a 17-year-old me as an extra. Check out the slowed down parts of this clip for a chunky girl in a blue plaid shirt and jeans, and bask in my acting prowess. ;) I played a country wife and the dude beside me was my "husband" and I guess the kid was mine, too(!)

Treat Williams is even cuter in person, but I only had eyes for R.H. Thomson (the bespectacled neighbor guy in the clip). One of my regrets in life was not telling him what a wonderful actor I thought he was when I had the chance, but I was just too shy. Alas.

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