Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bradley Brupdate!

Photo by T. Charles Erickson

Thought I'd update any fellow fans (and potential new fans!) on one of my favorite new actors, Will Bradley who starred in the Ovation-award nominated play, The Twentieth Century Way here in Los Angeles last year, which I had the privilege of seeing twice (read my review here).

Since moving to New York City earlier this year, Will has been tearing up the stage in a production of George Bernard Shaw's Candida at the Two River Theater Company in New Jersey. Critics are finally noticing what his fans, friends, and family have already known – Will is a natural, gifted talent, who deserves high praise indeed!

Theatre critic Anita Gates had some wonderful things to say about Will in her recent review of Candida in the New York Times:

"The role of Eugene has to be the toughest of all, and Mr. Bradley does a bang-up job. Eugene is just a boy — a mere 18 — so his having a vocation already is the most notable how-times-have-changed aspect of the play. He shows extravagant passion for romantic love, to a degree that might seem ridiculous today, and announces his position with the conviction of youth. “We all go about longing for love,” he declares, but are too shy to say so.

Eugene reads poetry to Candida for two hours at a stretch. At one point he grabs a multicolored silk scarf as long as the library ladder is tall, swirls it in the air, wraps it around his shoulders and climbs the ladder, and never seems less than endearing.

Mr. Bradley is required to fall upon a fringed hassock and clutch it when he is overcome with emotion. He also collapses on the floor, curls up into a fetal position and tells James, “I’m not afraid of you,” while holding his hands protectively in front of his face. The audience may want Candida to run away with him, just to calm him down."

Ever since I first saw him bound on to the stage in the Pasadena Playhouse's production of Camelot, I knew Will was destined for big things, and it makes me so pleased to see him thriving! I've always believed "true" actors live and work in New York. Out here in L.A., it's so phony, and good actors get lost in the shuffle or are instantly typecast, never to escape the pigeonhole.

May Will's path to greatness be paved with much success and more good reviews like this one! Thanks to Will's mom for alerting me to the above review! :)

For anyone in the NYC/NJ area, don't miss seeing Will in Candida, which runs until April 10th.

More info and tickets here
(If you're under 30, tickets are a mere $24!)

And if anyone reading this does attend a performance, please let me know your thoughts by commenting on this post. Thanks!

Check out Candida's trailer here:


Will and Robert Mammana just won the L.A. Weekly's Theater Award for Best Two Person Performance in The Twentieth Century Way!!! Congrats, boys! Highly deserved! :D

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